Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tabbie Hoffman is THREE!

Today is Tabbie Hoffman's birthday!  Well, it's the day we celebrate his birth since we don't know exactly when he was born.  

He had a pretty good birthday!  He had a strawberry for breakfast (he doesn't really eat them, he just licks them) and he danced with Mama in the kitchen to The Oak Ridge Boys' "Elvira" (and he even got dipped!).  He got some really cool presents, too!  He got a new scratching post, a new toothbrush and toothpaste and some new treats to try.

He rolled around in the sunshine.  

He hid in the shrub bushes.

He saw this cute little bird that he really wanted to be friends with.

He found a new hidey-hole under the gardenia bush.

He played with his brother out by the clothesline.

And then he came in and laid down on the cool kitchen tile.  It was hot out there!

Happy Birthday, Sweet 'Tater!  I'm so glad you found me.

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  1. Never had a cat in my life until Tabbie Hoffman wasn't love at first sight. But he's starting to grow on me like a creeping vine working itself up a wooden trellis. He's full of question marks that no amount of observation or understanding of the world and other animals, can provide answers for. Tabbie is willful yet compliant. Aloof but will cuddle the moment he detects sickness or some level of the blues. He refuses to be ignored, and will plop down in the middle of the hallway so you have to step over or around him. He'll let you know when he's hungry with loud wails and with sharp nails and teeth when he's had enough petting. He's honest like that. He's my little buddy, but I wish he'd let me go to the bathroom without his wanting to share in the experience. Happy Birthday, lil guy! (Larry)