Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Birthday Tea Cart!

June is my birthday month!  And thanks to my sweet mama, who so lovingly kept my baby book and saved so many things from my childhood, I had some vintage things to make a birthday tea cart!  That Happy Birthday napkin is from my BEST birthday ever!  My third one, the year I got my Mrs. Beasley doll.  I still remember how excited I was to get her.  I still have her.

I'll be adding things here and there throughout the month but this is it!

I found this adorable little vintage birthday cake trinket box on eBay.

Can you think of anything better to go in it than a few candles from my own birthday cakes??

I got this card when I was ONE from my beloved Maw and Paw.  (And I picked up the little baby birthday angel at an estate sale a few weeks ago.)

This ballerina danced across my twelfth birthday cake, made by my mama, just as all of my birthday cakes were.  Still are.  :)

Such beautiful cards back then!

I got these two little cuties on eBay, too.

Mama and I got this little cowgirl baby planter with flowers in it at the hospital when I was born.  The company Daddy worked for sent it to us.

Thank you so much, Mama, for saving all this stuff for me and for teaching me to take care of my things.  Stuff you wouldn't really think would matter absolutely DOES matter when you are older.  It means so much.

So, Happy Birthday Month to me!  I can't wait to see what this month holds!


  1. Thanks,honey.Just wanted all of you to have memories from your childhood.i hope this month hold wonderful memories for you to make and enjoy. Cart looks so you and special.

  2. So much love and effort goes into these tea cart ensembles that the finished project is two or three grades above amazing. (Three steps is Heaven.) And I'm the beneficiary of her early history, something that tickles me breathless to learn. Thank you for sharing, babe! LARRY SCHNEIDER