Saturday, May 2, 2015

Can you hear me now??

They're virtually invisible!
We had a little something to celebrate this week!  Larry has suffered from hearing loss in his right ear for more than 40 years.  A little souvenir from his Army days.  He sustained so much damage that he's always been told there was nothing that could be done, that he would forevermore be profoundly deaf in his right ear.  So naturally, he relied a lot on his left ear and that caused a lot of frustration and aggravation, especially on the telephone or in a crowd.  He got pretty good at reading lips, though!

We got him an appointment to see an ENT here in town and thanks to the Good Lord above and modern medical technology, Larry now has a brand new set of Phonak Audeo hearing aids!

They are pretty amazing, too.  The first day he couldn't believe all the sounds he was hearing.  He could hear leaves rustling in the wind and the birds singing really, really loud.  :)  It was such a blessing to experience this with him!  I know all too well the struggle he's endured all of his adult life with this handicap and for him to be able to hear all the sounds in this wonderful life God has given us just means everything to me.


  1. After years of saying, "What? What?" I basically just faked hearing. I'd try to put sentences together from words that I thought I was hearing and as Ginger well knows I would joke about what I didn't hear by making it seem I heard wildly silly phrases. I ignored people rather than explain what I believed was my failure. I didn't participate in conversations because I couldn't catch all the words from multiple sets of lips. My world was soft in sound. My friends said on more than one occasion how I couldn't be startled by loud sounds...they were muted to me. Poor pitiful Larry was something I couldn't abide, so I basically just did the best I could with what I had. I read lots. Television was impossible, and even today references to shows everyone seems to know about are a mystery to me. After being told by the V.A. that the audiologist referral time was about two years, I figured what was another two years? But the folks at Voc Rehab got me an appointment in a mere 6 months and thanks to Jesus, Ginger and Blue Cross Blue Shield I can hear the keys on this keyboard as I tell you this tale. Amen and amen! LARRY SCHNEIDER

  2. Just heard the sweetest sound for the first Ginger came into view I HEARD my heart pound. LARRY SCHNEIDER

  3. Bless your heart,Larry. Am so glad you finally got some help with this problem.Now you can hear your grandbabies squeal louder and enjoy so many other sounds.Tell Ginger to give you a hug . Love both of you for finally getting this solved.