Sunday, April 26, 2015

'Round here this weekend

Yesterday was a day full of storms -- thunder, lightning, wind, hail, heavy rain, no satellite signal, you name it, we had it.  Today, it was like it never happened (except for all the mess left behind on the deck).  I've been sick all weekend, starting with a bad sore throat on Friday.  We went to see "Little Boy" Friday afternoon and enjoyed it so much!!  We both cried like our hearts were broken.  So if you go see it (and I hope you do!), take some tissue with you.  It's a wonderful story of a little boy who will do anything to bring his daddy home from the war.  The faith of a mustard seed.  That's all it takes.

Since I was sick, Larry went shopping on his own this weekend and he picked up some treasures for me Friday.  A Copper Filigree platter, an Old Town Blue butter dish and a blue striped bowl.  We'd never even seen a Pyrex platter before and I was so happy to get it!

And he got me this sweet vintage Indian doll at an estate sale today.  I had one very much like her when I was a kid. 

At that same estate sale today, there was this thing and Larry had no idea what it was, he just knew he liked it.  It was kinda like a bandana, kinda like a wrap but it was very small.  There was a very nice tag sewn inside that read "Corky Gauger Original".  He got it and brought it home.  I couldn't figure it out either.  So I Googled "Corky Gauger" and found out she was a local lady from Perry who was an AKC Dog Show judge for many years.  And she made clothes for dogs!  So here's Banjo modeling the thing.  Ha!  I loved it a whole lot more than Banjo did.

Larry wasn't satisfied with the first clothesline he made so he built me another one on the opposite side of the backyard.  Weather-treated wood, posts in the ground, four lines across.  He was not playing.  :)  I just love it.  With all that blue and green, you'd never know we had such bad weather yesterday!

 My big pot of calendula is coming along!

Our sweet Tabbie Hoffman enjoying the shade of the palm tree.  

We found this toady frog in our garden shed. 

Larry put him in the bird bath.  He seemed to like it.  :)

Our little garden is growing!

The cherry tomatoes and basil have a little catching up to do!

Larry ran out in the cold rain yesterday afternoon and moved all my flower pots closer to the house where they'd be safe from the wind.  This morning, while I slept, he put them all back, setting my pot of daisies right outside the kitchen window.  I can't think of a more perfect spot.

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  1. As sick as Ginger is, she wanted to share another slice of the sweet pie that's her journey. She's gotten so danged good with her camera, too! She takes picture after picture trying to capture what her eyes see that mine miss entirely until I see her work here unveiled. Amazing! In her words, deeds and spirit I can feel God moving gently yet powerfully through her. Because of Ginger and Jesus, "It is well with my soul!" LARRY SCHNEIDER