Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome December!

I'm a little late welcoming in this beautiful, glorious month!

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for December to get here.  I would spend hours pouring over that Sears Wish Book, dog-earing pages, circling dolls and dreaming of this and that, things I just HAD to have.  

Since I've become an adult and especially since I've been living in a bigger city, most of that excitement has been replaced with dread over traffic, crowds and big buckets of crazy.

I try to do my shopping early so that I can stay OUT of that, so that I can come home to my little peaceful house, shut out the world and watch Christmas movies.

This year, I've been shopping locally when I could and buying my gifts from small businesses.  That has been a challenge because most of the small, privately-owned businesses here are in the seediest part of town and because a lot of them have already gone out of business.  It's really sad.  I usually hang out in the newer part of town, where I live, work and go to school.  I was shocked to see the old part of town is, well, OLD.

I did my best but Target has gotten a few of my dollars.  :)  I plan to spend this month listening to Christmas music, driving around in my pajamas looking at Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies (The Homecoming at least twice!), eating yummy food, drinking eggnog and hot chocolate with whipped cream, wrapping presents, spending time with my family and RELAXING and enjoying it.

There are only 31 days in December.  And three of 'em are gone already!

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  1. Have a HAPPY December! Your plans sound good to me...ENJOY your life...:))