Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spidey's fair adventures

Here we are right after I won him.
Don't we look so happy??

Here he is checking out my camera.

Here we are listening to a very good country band play.  Spidey said he never really liked country music.  That's when I found out he has a squeaker in his head.  I squeezed his head real hard.

Here he is protecting me 'cause 
I'm windblown and tired of pictures.  

 Here we are learning how to stand up.

Here he is all laid out in the grass.
We still have to work on that standing thing.

 Maybe shoes will help.

Here he is posing with the paddle boats behind him.  He said he wanted to ride one but I told him somebody would just try to use him for a float.

Here he is sharing that beautiful sunset with us.

Almost time to go home!
It was a great day!!

Spidey rested most of the day today.  He had a busy day yesterday, what with getting a new home and family and all.

Wonder what he'll be up to tomorrow??


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