Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that the sun is finally going to peek out tomorrow and then step right on out and shine come Friday!  It has rained all. week. long.

I'm loving that today is my Friday!  I'm off until Monday!!

I'm loving that I'm going to the fair Friday with Ami and Brian!  It should be a gorgeous day to take pictures! 

 And pick up ducks!
This was always my favorite thing to 
play at the fair when I was little.  
No losers!  Every duck wins a prize!  Ha!  
You know I'mma pick me up a duck Friday.

 And ride sheep!
This I HAVE to see.  
They let little kids under 60 pounds 
It's called Mutton Busting.  Bwaaaah!  

See ya Friday, Mr. Ferris Wheel.
I can't wait!!


  1. ENJOY your sunshine...
    Have FUN @ the fair...will be wishin I could be there, too!
    As for the ducks----oh well, to each his
    LUZ ya

  2. I'll miss you at the fair! We all used to go EVERY year!!! Luz ya, too!