Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had SO much fun today at the office!  It was our Halloween party/birthday party for Dr. Niebaum all rolled into one good old time.

I dressed up as a hippie chick.  No real stretch there!  :)  It was Larry's idea for me to wear his Army helmet liner.  I added the peace sign and daisy.  I thought it turned out so cute!! 

I think this is all us girls except for Michelle and Dr. P.  Left to right, it's me, Lisa S as Spiderwoman, Shannon as a hippie chick/Diana Ross, Lisa P as a GOOD witch, Cheryl and Norma, AKA Spongebob.

We had lots of yummy stuff to eat!!

 Chicken and dumplings

Norma made Mississippi Mud for Dr. Niebaum.
It's his favorite!

 Witch's Brew
(a really good cider that Norma makes!)

 My personal favorite, Norma's cheese straws.

 Cheryl's yummy cheesy apples!

 Caramel cupcakes

 Popcorn balls!

 Lisa carving a pumpkin

 Norma getting ready to carve hers

Lisa thinking Norma needs a little help!  Ha!

Lisa's jack-a-lantern that she gave me to put on my porch tonight for my little trick-or-treaters.  I had 22 tonight!  And enough candy for 82.  I had zombies and vampires and a princess and a clown and Mario and Luigi and more zombies and vampires.  No ghosts, witches or Spideys.  

I enjoyed every second of it and it was over waaaaay before I wanted it to be.

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