Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that today actually feels like fall!!  It's a brisk (and windy) 55 degrees!  The high was 62 and that was this morning.  It's 'sposed to be 37 tomorrow night!  Woo hoooo!!  I might get to wear my boots this week!  Fall is my favorite season. I wish we could stay like this until April. I hate winter.  Ugh.

I'm loving the chicken and dumplin's that I made today!  We were talking about them at work today and how gooooood they'd be in this cool weather so when I got home, I made some.  I'd never made them with store-bought dumplings before, I usually just make them the way Mama does, the dumplin's I was raised on that look kinda like this:

Mama's looks better but this was as close as I could find online.  I don't think I've ever paused long enough to get a picture of her dumplings!  Ha!

This is how mine turned out today!  Pretty dang tasty, too.

I boiled a couple of chicken breasts, shredded them and added a can of cream of chicken soup, cooked the strips in the broth with some salt and pepper and mixed it all together.  Easy squeezy!

And I'm loving Words With Friends on Facebook!  It's just a simple Scrabble game but you can play real time with your friends or just whenever you have a minute.  LOVE.  If we're friends on Facebook, let's play!

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  1. Dumplins look good....never seen any pre-made in the store..dang! I need to learn how to be a "food detective" like
    It's COLD here! I don't like winter...but even this is testin my character---I'll be ok, tho!
    LUV ya girl