Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fair fever...caught it!

Yesterday, Brian, Ami and I went to the Georgia National Fair in Perry.  We had the absolute BEST time.  Pretty much the best fair experience of our lives.  We've been many times (after all, this is the 22nd year of this fair!), seen countless concerts there (Alabama, Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood, Loretta Lynn, Travis Tritt & Marty Stewart, John Berry and oh, did I mention Alabama?  We saw Alabama every time they played there.  :D), so we've had a few not-so-good times there.  Some years, it rained the entire time, some years we had to park out in the field almost to dang Pulaski County and walk for days to get to the gate and then it took us HOURS to get out of there, some years it was summertime hot and miserable and other years, we just skipped it 'cause GOD, what a nightmare.

This year made up for ALL that.  It was perfect.

We chose to go on the last Friday afternoon of the fair, as a mini photo tour for our Facebook group, Macon County Georgia Photo Walk.  We went to just basically take pictures and eat but the fair had other plans for us.  The fair wanted us to have FUN and have GOOD memories of it this time.  We knew it was probably going to be a pretty dang good day when we got there and got to park ON THE PAVEMENT and not out there two miles from Elko.

Here are some pictures from our day!  If you're friends with us on Facebook, you can see SO many more.  I took 200 myself and Ami and Brian took over a thousand together.

Caramel and chocolate apples

Me picking up ducks!  :)

The girl running this game was the sweetest thing!  It was $3 to play.  I picked up one duck and it had SMALL written on the bottom.  She said "Try again".  I picked up another duck and it had SMALL written on the bottom.  She said, "Try again.  Here, get this one." and she pointed to the one that I have in my right hand in this picture, the one with the little green dot that says MED!!!  Medium!!  I get a medium prize!!  Yay!!  She told me I could have anything on that wall and I picked a 2-foot inflatable Spider-Man.  

Here we are after I won! 

Me and my Spidey.

Me trying to decide what to eat.
There were TOO many choices!
I ended up getting a corn dog...  :)

 ...and this thing here.
Chocolate-covered cheesecake.  On a steeeeeek.

It was absolute heaven.  I didn't think I could eat it all and I tried to share it with Ami and Brian but Brian didn't want any and Ami couldn't cut it because it was still really firm.  She got a little piece off, though.

 Amazing what you can do when your feet are to the fire.  Ha!
See my teeth marks??? 

 Ami's funnel cake.

 Here's a picture I took of Ami and Brian.
I think it's probably my favorite one ever of them.
They look so sweet and happy!!

We found a little grassy spot with a bench near the water and sat there as the sun was starting to go down.  I don't believe I've ever sat and watched the sun set behind a Ferris wheel so I have to recommend that you do it, too, at least once.  It was pretty awesome. 

We stopped on our way out for another snack and Brian got a pork chop sandwich that he said was absolutely delicious and Ami and I split some Mozzarella Fingers with pizza sauce.  Yum!!  Here's a pic of one of our Mozzarella Fingers and my fingers.  :)

Beautiful ending to an amazing day.


  1. Happy to hear yall had FUN....
    Enjoyed all the pictures I've seen.
    I'm using 1 of the Himalaya for desktop...I LUV that ride....
    I never realized how much COLOR there is in/around the fairgrounds!
    Like the spidey, too.

  2. Glad ya'll enjoyed the fair with no rain. The late afternoon and night pictures are so pretty and took good pictures. I am glad you did your usual duck pick-up and got a prize. Spidey is cute and something to add to your dolls. They will feel safer now. The food looked so good. Love you