Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seven random things...


...about ME!  My friend, Kim, nominated me for a Tell Me About Yourself blogger award 'cause she thinks my blog is great!  :)  Thanks, Kim!!  I think your blog is pretty great, too!  And funny and inspiring and just what I need to read sometimes!

To claim this award, I have to do a couple of things.  I have to tell seven totally random things about myself, pass the award on to seven other awesome bloggers and thank and link back the person who awarded me, which I think I've already done.  I hope.  :) 

So here we go!

Seven Random Things About Me

1.  I have a little scar on my right cheek that has been there since the moment I was born.  From forceps pulling me out.  I didn't want to come out.  Me and Mama had us a good thing going and I was FINE with it.

2.  I hate yogurt.  Of any kind.  I don't care if you put chocolate sprinkles on top, I can't eat it.  I know it's good for you and would be oh-so-helpful in my weight loss journey but dang, it's clabber.  Jerry Clower said so.

3.  I love to watch scary movies!  Alone.  At home.  On my sofa.  Where I can scream and sometimes let an ugly word slip and laugh and yell at the victims and if they're real stupid, tell 'em they NEED killing.  

4.  I can wire up a circuit that will light two LEDs that blink.  :)

5.  I cannot stand a ringing telephone.  Or talking on the phone.  And in my current job, I'm a receptionist.  I know.  Makes no sense.  

6.  I can type really fast.  The last time I was tested and timed, it was around 85 words per minute.  I'm pretty dang accurate, too.

7.  I almost never use my dishwasher anymore.  Unless I'm cooking a big meal for my family or something.  As much as I LOATHED washing dishes as a teenager (and that was probably because Mama MADE me), I actually prefer to hand wash my dishes now.  There's something therapeutic about having your hands down in warm, soapy water and washing dishes clean.  Just me??  :)

Okay,  I nominate these awesome bloggers to do the same!  Tell Me About Yourself!


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