Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Today I'm loving this blog post that Brandy wrote about "sticking it to the man".  It's hilarious.  Brandy mentioned some things that she and her family do to stick it to the man and I just loved it.  I just adore her

Just in case a hippie heart doesn't beat inside you and you have no idea what we're talking about, sticking it to the man just basically means bucking against anything that is in a position of power over you.  That could mean the electric company.  That could mean the government.

Here are some other ways you can stick it to the man.  Just do ONE.  I promise it will make you smile.

Don't buy anything new.

Don't get into debt.

Wear socks with holes.


Get your books from the library.

Don't pay ANY fees at your bank!  Move your money!!

Walk on the grass.

Do random acts of kindness.

Grow your own food!  And when you can't, buy local and buy in season.

Write a blog!  :)

Be socially and politically aware.  Don't be so subjective to mainstream media.  Seek out independent sources of information, listen to people from different walks of life and those whose opinions may differ from your own.

Refuse to be one of millions in that docile herd of mindless consumers who...hey, pull over!  McDonald's!!


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  1. Aww, thanks for your sweet words! We love Jack Black and his "stick it to the man" mentality. :-)