Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome winter blah blah blah whatever

This little penguin has his arms crossed 'cause he's just as irritated as I am to have to welcome winter. I hate cold weather. Bleh. I know I have to endure it to get me to April and May so endure it I will. Bleh. By the way, this little penguin was a gift to me today from my Secret Santa at work who turned out to be my Friday work buddy and friend, Lisa!!! Yay!!! She gave me the penguin (who was holding blue marshmallow socks inside his crossed arms!), a Taste of Home cookbook that I love, a pretty pair of silver hoop earrings that I have in my ears right this very minute and drum roll....a President Obama CHIA PET!!! I left everything but the penguin and my earrings at the office so I'll have to post a picture of them tomorrow. I cannot wait to start the Chia Pet!! I've never had one before and I'm looking forward to sharing him with all four of you readers!!! :) He's gonna have the biggest, prettiest, greenest 'fro you ever saw!! We'll start him in January.

Also, today, the doctor I work for took us all out for our Christmas office luncheon at The Swanson House in Perry and it was sooooo good. The food, the service, the atmosphere, the company, everything. The restaurant is tucked smack in the middle of historic downtown Perry. It's a home built in the 1800's and the same family manages the restaurant now. The food was incredible. The little cheese biscuits/muffins were heaven on a plate and it was all I could do not to nom 'em all down right then and there. I had baked chicken and dressing, squash casserole and field peas with snaps. Oh, and a slice of caramel cake for dessert. Everything was great. If you're ever in Perry, you should stop by. It's at the end of Carroll Street. You won't be disappointed!

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