Friday, December 31, 2010

I hate to see you go but I'll love to watch you leave...

I cannot believe another New Year's Eve is here! Mama always told us growing up that once we hit 30, it'd be gone and boy, was she right! My mama was right about a lot of things. :)

I just LOVE a new year. A fresh start. Another chance to get it right.

2010 was a pretty monumental year for me. I went back to school! And I lost nearly 60 pounds! Both of these accomplishments are things I never thought I'd do or could do. I found out that I like being able to cross my legs, I like being able to sit on the sofa and pull my knee up to my chin as I sit there (that is really, really cool!), I liked getting rid of all the XL stuff in my closet and replacing it with larges (and some mediums!). I like being in a smaller size than I was in high school. I will have to fight my weight the rest of my life, I know that. It is a struggle every. single. day. But there are so many advantages, not just the crossing my legs part but for my health, that I have to do it. I have to fight it.

I don't make resolutions. They're like diets. They don't work. We get bored or tired or fed up or just don't care anymore and we give up. Instead of a resolution, I just try to be a better person in the new year than I was in the old. Instead of a diet, I just try to work on eating right and exercising. I've been really lazy lately. I know that once I start walking and running again, I'll be just fine.

I'm starting my fourth quarter at school January 11th. When it's over, I'll be a year into this thing!! I can't believe that either. Working during the day and going to school at night has definitely been a challenge but it's been so much fun! This quarter, I'm taking Solid State at the college and a microcomputers class online. I'll get my interview at the base the end of March and we'll see what happens there.

I've been a cleaning, organizing fool the past few days! It started with taking down the Christmas tree and putting everything away in the attic. I have organized cabinets, the pantry, cleaned out the fridge, mopped behind the washer and dryer and the fridge, put new screws in my front door, cleaned house from top to bottom and I even got the bug man yesterday to clean the leaves off my roof. I am ready for this new year!! :)

Here are some fun highlights of my year! I learned how to play bunco in 2010! We got substantial snow in 2010! I went to see a show at the Grand Opera House in 2010! I went hiking at High Falls all by myself in 2010! I saw a movie at midnight for the first (and last!) time in my life in 2010! I fell in love with True Blood in 2010! I went to my 25th high school reunion in 2010! I got trigeminal neuralgia in 2010! (Okay, that last one wasn't much fun but it was part of the year that was and it's still going on into 2011 so it deserves its spot, aggravating thing that it is.)

I'm planning to welcome the new year just like I do every year, in my jammies, watching the ball drop on TV. It's safer that way. Too many drunks out there. So I'll have a nice quiet peaceful night at home. A nice quiet peaceful end to what was a really great year for me!

Happy New Year and be safe out there!! See ya in 2011!!!


  1. You are the ultimate upper - I am so inspired by this post, and so proud to be your friend. I knew that anyone my friend Larry could love with all his heart and soul would have to be special - but he nailed it when he chose you. And to be a part of your lives is one of the gifts I have been given in this lifetime.

    Happy Happy New Year, Ginger, love you lots and lots!!


  2. I love you for your way of staying so sweet and handling all of your life as you have.You are tops! I want the very best for you and Larry in this New Year.I know it has been hard,but you are strong and are Blessed. Love you

  3. I'd like to add that I met you in 2010 and I am so happy for it! I just love you!