Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter mantel

I've had Gary Sinise and Mark Herndon on my mantel for so long that I am in need of a change. I love the autographed pictures that my sweet hubby got for me but I want to do a little something different. I think we have a beautiful fireplace, mantel and hearth and I'm thinking of doing seasonal mantels next year. And TRY to use what I already have!!

This is what I've put together so far for winter.

I organized my candle cabinet last night and found these white taper candles that I'd gotten at IKEA ages ago, along with the crystal star and ice cube candle holders. I'd forgotten I even had them. I added a silver lantern, also from IKEA, and topped it with a red bird. The frosted pine cone came right off my Christmas tree and the gorgeous paper roses my sissy made me and put on my Christmas presents just look so sweet up there.

I just got these cute little felty snowmen at Target for 50 cents each! I'm still holding out for some snow!! We didn't get any last year 'til February.

I just had to show a close up of these paper roses!!
They are sooooo beautiful and I absolutely love them.


  1. Aww, you're so sweet for using those roses. Everything looks beautiful!! I have some stuff you can use for V-Day if you don't have enough.

  2. That is pretty all together. I love it. The roses was a good idea. They set off the candles.