Saturday, December 25, 2010

Know why Mrs. Beasley is so happy??

'Cause she's home with me, that's why! I brought a few of my dolls back home with me from Mama and Daddy's house today, dolls that I loved and played with when I was a little girl. I'm telling you, they are LOVED TO PIECES. Literally. Mrs. Beasley has had surgery on both of her arms and when I was cleaning her up tonight, her wrist ripped and 'bout scared me half to death. I was trying to be gentle with the old girl. Her apron and glasses are long gone, her voice box, too. But that sweet, sweet smile is still the same.

Her tag says Mattel 1967 but I got her in 1970, on my 3rd birthday. My daddy went everywhere trying to get me this doll and he and his friend, Jerry, finally found her and got her back just in time for my birthday party. I remember how excited I was to have her!! Kinda like I am tonight. :)

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