Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

This southern girl has to have black-eyed peas and collard greens for New Year's Day!  I also baked a Cornish hen stuffed with wild rice (just like my sweet mother-in-law always made for me when I'd visit them in Florida), roasted some red potatoes, steamed some Brussels sprouts and made some skillet cornbread.  Only a few peas and collards were left to pose for this picture!  Ha!

Ami put this on her blog last night and I just LOVED it.  I told her I was gonna steal it.  This is what we all need to live by in 2011.  Life is too short to spend it doing things we don't like, working jobs we don't love and sharing our space with people who bring us down instead of lifting us up.  I love the line "getting lost will help you find yourself."  That is so true.  You will end up in places you never even knew were there.  Life is so awesome!!  :)

Happy 2011!!


  1. That's my girl! Collard greens and blackeyed peas.We ate leftovers today. Have a good week! Love you

  2. Dr. Sears says, "If you resent it, change it." He was talking about parenting, but I think it goes for everything. Better to do than talk, to move than sit (mostly). ;-)