Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our First REAL Fall Day

I knew when I walked outside this morning and my hair didn't immediately collapse into a fit of hot messedness, today was gonna be a beautiful day! And it was!! Humidity that was like some crazy talk 50% and only 78 degrees all day. I LOVED it!!

It had me thinking 'bout pumpkins, putting a blanket on the bed and buying too many Snickers bars on purpose for Halloween.


  1. Yay! Fall!!! I just hope it lasts, but I know it won't. It'll be in the 90s again before it's all over with. Remember wearing SHORTS at Christmas?! Gah. I wish it would last, though. It did make me put out my fall/Halloween decorations, though, so that's saying a lot for me.

  2. Love the pumpkins!Love,mama