Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey, September, How's Your Mama And Them?

When the wooden leaf artsy thing goes on the front door, I have officially welcomed fall.  It's a little early but I am so over summer. I'm ready for some cool, crisp mornings, pots of homemade vegetable soup and good hair days!  Summer wore me slap out.  I won't even miss the fresh veggies I snagged at farmer's markets here and there because my freezer is full of them.  "So long, Summer" and "Howdy, Fall, come on in, kick your shoes off and sit a spell."

It was actually cooler here today.  The bank clock said 78 degrees at noon so I got all excited thinking about getting my pumpkin stuff down from the attic.  

(That big silver thing in the middle of my door is a panoramic peephole that Larry got years ago. He's always buying things to keep me safe. Awwww.  You can see clean out to the street through that peephole and it's clear as a bell.)


  1. I'mma make you a big ol' pot of beef vegetable soup Tuesday when you come over. Also, I have always been jealous of your peephole. I wants one just like it! Yay, Fall is coming!

  2. Oooooo, that'll be gooooood!! I can't wait!! Maybe Santa will bring you a peephole like that. He's almost here, too. :)

  3. That is quite the peephole. It would be nice to see more than just a distorted face when you look out.