Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Night 'Night Little Birdy

Wook how cute he is!!  

I went out tonight to water the plants on my porch and when I turned the porch light on, I saw this little bird just perched in that tiny little space where the siding meets.  There is hardly any room right there!  I was amazed that he was even there. He had his little head tucked down until I started making noise with the water bucket and I just had to get his picture.  

Awwww weeeee!!


  1. Awwwweeeeee!! He's so cute!! Tell him where the backyard is! :D

  2. I'm gonna put some seed out on the front porch for him tonight. Bless his heart. He don't know the buffet is in the backyard!!

  3. Bless his heart, You woke him up with light. He found a roosting place. Leave him some food and water. Good luck! love, mama