Monday, June 22, 2015

The squash struggle is real

I planted my new squash plants one week ago today.  Look how much they have grown!!

Wow, huh??

I am determined to grow my stuff the organic way, with no pesticides or chemicals.  I've done a lot of organic gardening research.  I have become an expert.  I has a smart about this stuff now.

And now my squash is wearing pantyhose.

I read that nylons are a perfect barrier to put between your squash and that flying nasty little heifer with the green wings who lays her fat grub baby eggs right at the stem.  I have been there, done that with the pantyhose.  In the nineties.  Don't even own one pair that I could have cut into strips to use.  So I went and bought a pack of knee highs that worked beautifully.

My squash (and tomatoes and cucumbers) are dusted with diatomaceous earth every day after they get watered.  I have used DE for years outside for bugs, ants and wasps.  It works.

And I have set traps for that flying nasty little heifer with the green wings, too.  She likes yellow.  Yellow is her favorite color.  She waits for the yellow squash flowers to bloom and that's when she strikes with her egg-laying nonsense.

There are no blooms yet but I set three little yellow dishes out (two of my Pyrex fridgies!) to trick her little butt into drowning.  If I find her and any of her sisters in my bowls, then I'll know they're swarming and I can crank up the defense and by crank up I mean catch the others with a butterfly net and squish their little bodies until they pop.

So, yes, the squash struggle is real.  I am determined to grow squash!  They are the only thing this year that I've had any trouble with!  I want squash and I'm determined to do it naturally, no matter how hard I have to work to get there.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Bless your sweet heart. Good Luck.Know you will do this. Love you.