Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden update!

Here's our garden today, with that big old gaping hole where the squash used to be.  :(  But we live and we learn and we move on, right?  Our tomatoes are doing fabulous (if they will just start turning!  I picked four big green ones to fry for supper, hoping that would help the turning-red process for the rest of them.) and the peppers are producing about one a week now.  The lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary and lavender are growing like crazy, too.

These are our container veggies, flowers, herbs and the blueberry bush we're going to plant out by the clothesline sometime this week.  There's cherry tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, calendula, basil, the new squash plants and two of our old squash plants that I hope to salvage if I can get them to root.  I had to cut out all the bad stem and scrape out all the destruction that the grub left behind.  We'll see...  Crossed fingers!  I still want an organic garden, grown with no chemicals, so I've got some diatomaceous earth and peppermint essential oil to make a spray that I'm going to use to fight the squash bugs when they come back (and they will) as well as any other bugs that show up.  So far, none of the other plants have been affected by anything so I haven't had to really do anything.

This cucumber is pretty much a showstopper.  I can't believe how this thing has thrived.  I counted 48 baby cucumbers today!  There's cilantro and sweet peppers in there, too.

The sunflowers are coming up by the fence and I hope to have a flower by August!

We put this old Mexican blanket down for Tabbie Hoffman and Banjo to lay on when they're on the front porch, to keep them off the concrete and make it a little more comfortable for them.  Y'all see where Tabbie laid.  :)

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  1. Looking good,Daddy said spray your tomatoes with organic spray when they start to turn in this hot dry weather for stink bugs. We are so proud of ya'll and your little garden spot. Animals are gonna pick their spot. It is probably cooler on the concrete. Hugs.