Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Birthday Tea Cart update, some vintage love and a turkey!

Ten more days till my birthday!  Here's my tea cart today.

Some of the things I've added are a vintage white beaded cake plate that I picked up for two dollars at a moving sale; my favorite book from my childhood, Peggy and Me, that my daddy used to read to me; a very old (1948!) birthday rhyme book that I also got for two dollars at an estate sale; a vintage 1970's Florida Bird Orange Bank that replaced the one I had as a child (I found it on eBay months ago) and a birthday clown that Larry and I found at Smiley's last weekend.

And these two little girl figurines.  The one of the right holding the presents is the most darling little thing!!  I got her at an estate sale along with her sister who's holding a broom, both of them for $4.  They were made in Japan by Ucagco in the 1950's.

Here's her sister.  I put her in the window sill over the kitchen sink.  She reminds me of me, always cleaning something.  She looks happy about it, though!  :)

I finally, finally, finally got me a vintage granny square afghan to go on the back of my sofa.  My life is complete now.  Can you believe $10 at an estate sale??  Sho' was!  It's a beaut, too.  I think it was made and then just placed in a closet for 40 years because it's perfect.

I picked up this vintage GE hand mixer at that same moving sale for SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS.  It's avocado green, my favorite vintage color.  Avocado green draws me like a moth to a flame every time.  This mixer was a wedding gift for the couple having the sale and they've been married 39 years.  It's in excellent condition and every single speed works beautifully.  I still can't believe it.  

I got this pretty trivet at a yard sale/estate sale/cleaning out Grandma's house sale basically for free.  The grandson let me have this trivet, a beautiful vintage yellow floral sheet and two pillowcases, two precious Cannon honest-to-goodness MADE IN THE USA towels and two wash cloths, a Napco milk glass candy dish and a Japanese Satsuma vase, all for $2.  TWO DOLLA.


Here's one of the towels!  Soooo pretty.  You just can't find towels like this anymore.  Unless you go to somebody's grandma's house.


And here are the two wash cloths.  I always squeal when I see Cannon on a tag!!  That's that pretty yellow flowered sheet hanging in the background.


We got this giant blow-up turkey at that same moving sale for $8!  I'm so glad Larry saw it because I had walked right on past him, headed to the kitchen stuff.  I cannot wait to put this thing in the yard.  As soon as the Halloween stuff comes down, Tom is going up!

I think Larry's glad he saw Tom, too!


  1. Two weeks until my birthday! Great find on the afghan--those are real work to make! Those things bring back memories for me, too. My parents had those towels, even a pink one that you would have loved. I also grew up using that mixer. I forgot about your collection of inflatables. Your two turkeys.

  2. The cart looks so much like you with your choices of items. Love the afghan. Mama always bought cannon towels so that brings back memories.Well, no comment on either turkey. Both colorful.Enjoy seeing your finds and smart shopping. Love you.