Sunday, June 7, 2015


Yesterday was Mama and Daddy's 50th wedding anniversary and we threw a somewhat-of-a-surprise reception for them.  The hardest part was getting them out of the house so we could set everything up and decorate and since it was their 50th anniversary, they knew we were up to something, just weren't sure exactly what.  Ami and I had been planning this party for weeks.  I wanted to do a vintage 1965 wedding reception or get as close to that as we could.  We invited everybody who was at their wedding and we had a simple reception with cake, punch, mints, nuts, finger sandwiches and wedding cookies.  

I got Robin Walton from Make It Cake to do the cake for us and she did a fabulous job!  If you're local and need a cake, call Robin.  I knew what I wanted and after big fat flops at local bakeries, Publix and Kroger, I found her on Facebook.  I called her and just described what I wanted, what we were doing and she came up with this beauty.  And it was just as delicious as it was beautiful.  Vanilla pound cake with buttercream icing.  Ami added the gold "50" topper.  It was just perfect.  Exactly what I had envisioned!

Ami, Margie and I spoke a few words about what these two mean to us.  I just love how Daddy's looking at me in this picture.  This is what I said (give or take a word or two!):

First of all, I just want to thank y'all for being here today to help us celebrate Mama and Daddy's 50th wedding anniversary.  They call the 50th the "Golden" anniversary and that couldn't be more fitting for Mama and Daddy because they are a golden beacon for everybody who knows them, role models for anyone who wants to believe in having that one true love that lasts a lifetime.  The three of us do because of you.  The Bible tells us that two are better than one.  If one falls down, the other is there to pick him up.  If two lie down together, they are able to stay warm.  We could not have picked two better folks to have been born to.  Thank you both so much for all the sacrifices you made for us, the tears you cried, the pennies you pinched just so we could have all the childish things we thought we had to have.  Thank you for all the support you gave us growing up, for loving us enough to teach us about life, how to take care of ourselves, how to pray, how to grow squash and tomatoes in the summertime, how to cook chicken and rice and how to bait a hook.  Y'all love everybody.  You take care of everybody.  You raised your own three children plus you had a hand in raising a hundred others.  Today is for you.  Thank you both for everything you've done for us, for ALL of us here today.  I hope the coming years continue to be golden and I hope that you both are blessed with good health and happy days.  I love you both very much.  Happy Anniversary.

I only had to stop and squash my tears a couple of times.  :)

Ami gave the sweetest speech, explaining that hers was twenty years in the making.  She was an absolute freak for Debbie Gibson's music in the 90's and Debbie recorded a song called "Two Young Kids" waaaaaay back in 1995 that struck Ami's heart and soul and she decided right then and there, that that song was going to be a part of Mama and Daddy's 50th anniversary.  She played it for us and it was beautiful.  I was just a'squalling!

Mama and Daddy were touched as well.  :)

They got some lovely gifts, too!  Thanks to everybody who was there to help us celebrate!  

I snapped this picture when it was all over and I was sitting at the table with Jessi's babies running around.  When I realized Beanie was in the picture, my eyes welled up again.  What an amazing, full life the past 50 years have given them!  They have great-grandbabies now.

Happy Anniversary,  you two beautiful, amazing, wonderful young'uns!  I am so proud to belong to you.

You're looking natural in my eyes
We found life's wonderful surprise
And someday two young kids
Will be wishing they were us
(Debbie Gibson)


  1. Ginger,ya'll sure did surprise us.We had no idea what was going on. We appreciate all ya'll did and it is a blessing to have all of you and our great-grands to celebrate with us.Everything was so beautiful and we do appreciate all your speeches and thought about us and know that we love you 3 kids so very much.This was such a sweet tribute to us and ya'll have blessed us in many ways .Thanks with hugs and kisses and a few tears for making Saturday such a great day.

  2. There aren't many occasions around where an opportunity to celebrate 50 years of marriage occur, and to be apart of this one was a huge blessing. Lots of sentimental, authentic tributes and tear-stained cheeks. Pretty amazing family I married into! LARRY SCHNEIDER