Thursday, June 25, 2015


I had a wonderful birthday yesterday!  All those boxes were Pyrex!  Larry got me six new pieces, four of them were pink gooseberry Cinderella mixing bowls.  The whole set!!  I didn't have a whole set of anything and to have pink, well, y'all know how I feel about pink.  :)

He got me another loaf pan to replace the one that broke last Saturday when I baked a banana nut bread to take to the hospital for Rhiana.  As soon as I turned the bread out to cool on a towel, the pan cracked and broke in half.  I guess it was too old, got too hot, that bread was just too good, I don't know, but it was 40+ years old.  I've never had a piece break on me like that.  I guess it was bound to happen.

The loaf pan he got is a FireKing Peach Luster, that really pretty peachy-pink iridescent color.  I used it tonight when I baked zucchini bread, along with the meat loaf pan I picked up when we did the Peaches to Beaches yard sale in March.

We went to Casa Mexico for supper.  That's my favorite place around here to eat!  I love their fish tacos.  Like SO much.  There was a little girl there who was turning 8 and I was turning 48 so they brought out these beautiful sombreros for us to wear and a delicious sopapilla and sang Happy Birthday to us.  It was great!  Larry was SO impressed with the sombrero!!

Juan, Elizabeth, Emma and I did a Birthday FaceTime call while we were at the restaurant.  They just wanted to tell me happy birthday!!  That was so sweet.  First time anybody besides Larry has called me to do that.  It was fun!!

I had 207 happy birthday wishes on Facebook that I was completely blown away by!!  I had a bubble bath, a nap and the day off work.  I painted my toenails and curled my hair.  It was a fabulous day!!  

I used my Kohl's birthday gift card to buy candles and pillows!  New bed pillows and this sweet little one.  Larry has always called me Sunshine, since the very beginning.  

I thought it was just perfect.

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