Saturday, June 27, 2015

I can estate sale all by myself

Larry worked today so I went out on my own, in search of treasures and boy, did I find them!

I started out at a living estate sale here in town and I missed an Americana casserole by thiiiiiis much.  My eyes always scan the kitchen/dining room areas first for Pyrex and before my eyes and brain could connect, this lady had snatched that dish right out from under me!  I didn't even see it until she had it tucked under her arm.  Good for her, I thought.  There'll be something else along today that's even better!  I found an unwanted, unloved olive green (the great big one!) mixing bowl that I got for a dollar and the cutest little pink pitcher for $2.  It's a Teleflora and not at all vintage but I love it anyway.  

From there, I drove to Elko to the widely-publicized Schneider estate sale.  Well, we had to go to that one!  Mr. Bernhard Schneider is a very, very wealthy man and he owns a good bit of property down Perry/Elko way.  His house on Elko Road sold recently and all of the contents were for sale today.  Some folks said they've gone back to Germany.  What a gorgeous house!  Paved driveway from the road, beautiful landscape, breathtaking lake and the cutest little lake house, swimming pool, tennis court, you name it, they had it.  Except maybe Pyrex.  They didn't have none of that.  But!!  I got something kinda sorta like Pyrex.  German Pyrex!  Like!  Called JENAerGlas.  Jena Glass.  That's what I'm calling it.  I got the Jena Glass vintage casserole dish with a groovy orange and green floral design, some tiny Noritake tea set dishes, a cute little 70's German trinket box in bright orange, a rug for my kitchen and it seems that there's another Mrs. Schneider who loves pink.  Her bathroom was adorable!  The prettiest pink wallpaper I think I've ever seen.  I checked the tags on her pink towels and sure enough, Cannon.  Squeeee!  One appeared to have never been used.  I got three of them and three wash cloths.  One of the wash cloths, a mitt, really, was made in West Germany.  You know that thing's old!  I found an Italian cosmetic bag in her closet and I got it because, yeah, it was pink.  I found some cool German drugs in it, too!  Just allergy meds and an antibiotic blister pack, but still it was cool to see German medication names. 

I left there and drove to Vienna to an estate sale I read about and the prices were so good down there, I bought just about everything they had left!  Ten cents, fifty cents.  You can't beat that.  And cute things, too!!  A Homer Laughlin Virginia Rose sugar bowl and a Noritake sugar bowl, a Lenox ivory and gold Santa figurine, some tiny cups and saucers and my favorite, a Marigold Carnival glass flower dish.  I loaded up and spent $10.  :)

On my way out of town, I spied a little hole in the wall (and I do mean HOLE) thrift store and I decided to stop.  I am SO glad I did!!  As soon as I walked in and my brain and eyes connected and told me there was a PYREX SNOWFLAKE DIVIDED CASSEROLE DISH WITH THE LID on that table covered in dust and dirt, I grabbed it up and held it to my breast like it was my long-lost child.  I almost peed in my pants right there.  I have wanted a Snowflake for months!  I've never seen one in the wild, just on eBay and Etsy and then they were $25 and up, plus shipping.  I ain't doing that.  This one had the sweetest little price tag on it.  FOUR dollars.  I'm telling y'all, I was about to cry.  The lady who runs the place (and there was NO A/C in there but I don't even think I noticed until I was paying her for my stuff) started telling me that it was hers and she'd NEVER EVEN USED IT and it sat in her dish cabinet for 45 years.  What the what???  I never even put it down.  I felt so bad about paying her $4 for it that I bought everything else she had on that table.  That's a good woman right there.  I got more little teacups and saucers and a platter with roses on it and several milk glass pieces (I got 'em home, washed 'em, Googled 'em and found out that one of the dishes is a Hazel Atlas Diamond milk glass candy dish so more squeeeee!).  She charged me $10 for ALL of it.  I'd tell you to go see her but her store doesn't even have a name.  All I can tell you is I think it's on 7th Street and it's right next door to her son's auto parts store.  I thanked her profusely, swore to never put that baby in the dishwasher and left, thanking the Lord all the way.  See, He did have something better than that Americana planned for me today!

I got back to Perry and hit the New Perry Hotel liquidation sale and I got pretty pillowcases out the eyeballs and some wine glasses even though we don't even drink.  They were lovely and a piece of local history so I got 'em.

Here are some pics of my treasures!!

 I still can't believe I got this thing for four dollars.

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  1. Beautiful finds! Of course, you can hold your own. ;-) I love the snowflakes. The wonder is that I have found most of mine at Goodwill.