Thursday, December 8, 2011

"And now they say that lake is somewhere over in Georgia..."

After I left Mike and Brandy today, I was starving so instead of grabbing a sandwich somewhere, I came up with this most wonderful idea to stop at the Whistle Stop in Juliette and get some fried green tomatoes and maybe a barbecue sammich (the secret's in the sauce!).  It's only about 20 miles from High Falls and was on my way home.  I even called Mama and told her I wish she was with me.  The last time I went to the Whistle Stop, she was.

Wonderful idea, right??

Well, I get there and they're closed.  They're only open for breakfast and lunch.  Duh.  I KNEW that!!  Just wasn't thinking.

I walked around a bit and took some pictures and felt the presence of Idgie and Ruth like I always do ('cause, y'all, I swear they are there!) and then I went and grabbed a sandwich somewhere.  Dang it.


  1. I am sorry they were closed. Maybe next time. Take Ami and show her around. She will love the shops and restaurant. Love you

  2. Aww, man! I bet if we'd been there with you they would have been open. ;-) Maybe next time we could meet there? Pencil us in for August.