Thursday, December 8, 2011

An afternoon in The Nature

I met some fabulous folks today. Folks I already loved before I even hugged them. I've been online friends with Mike and Brandy Nichols for four years now and we've been keeping up with each others' lives via our blogs and Facebook.  Finally, the stars all lined up for us and we got to physically meet and spend the afternoon together!

We agreed several weeks ago to meet today at High Falls State Park, in Jackson.  We had the best time together!  I felt like I'd been around them forever and that we were old friends getting together again after a while apart.  It was truly a wonderful afternoon.

The place was pretty much overrun with mushrooms!
They were all over the place, much to our delight.
We love us some 'shrooms.  :)

Mike spied this heron.  Can you see it?

And there were ducks!

Beautiful little Willow, telling me all about the "castle" we were in 

Precious little Roan was like this ALL afternoon!
Sweetest little thing EVAH.

Here we all are, just as happy as we looked!
The carpet of leaves was a nice backdrop, don't you think?
Looks a lot like my YARD.  Ha!

I'm so happy that we finally got to get together!
I just wish we lived closer.


  1. Glad you all had a great time. The children are precious . The mushrooms I can do without,but the ducks look happy around visitors. They are a sweet little family. Love you

  2. Me, too. Makes me all frowny that we are so far apart.