Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily

I am participating in a project called December Daily. It began as a scrapbooking thing, where you take a picture each day in December, of something meaningful to you that tells a small (or big) story for that day in your life.

My sister is the scrapbooking queen and she does beeee-u-tiful work. Me? Not so much. So I'm just gonna put my pictures on Facebook and here on my blog as well.

Finding a moment each day during such a busy month can really help slow down the hustle-bustle and bring more joy and thankfulness to the season.

If you want to try December Daily, or just read more about it, go here:

Here are my pics through today!
December 1st
The first unit of three that we'll have done by our last microprocessor class, which is December 13th.  Don't know how in the world we're gonna get done.  We have THREE classes left!

December 2nd
 I clean my house and do laundry on Friday nights, 
usually, unless I'm really tired and then, there's this...
Nappy nap nap nap  :)

My two favorite cleaning products are Mrs. Meyer's countertop spray in lemon verbena and Bar Keepers Friend.  Seriously.  Get you some.

December 3rd
I got this cute little guy today while I was out Christmas shopping.
He's perfectly perched in our tree.

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