Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No fish pond for me!

Okay, so I wait all day to hear from the city about the water leak in my yard.  They never call.  I get home this afternoon and there's a little swamp growing out there!  AND water is bubbling out of the ground!  I call the water department back but of course, it's after 5:00 and they're closed so they connect me with 911 and I feel a little guilty when she answers, "Houston County 911, what's your emergency?" and I say, "I got water in my yard" but what can I do?  They connected me!

I tell her that I just want somebody to come out and tell me whose responsibility it is so I can get it fixed if it's mine 'cause it's GUSHING WATER EVERYWHERE OH MY GOD AND I'M A HIPPIE TREEHUGGER AND IT'S KILLING ME FOR THAT MUCH WATER TO JUST BE GUSHING LIKE THAT DON'T YOU CARE ANYTHING ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT????????

She said she'd get somebody out here as soon as she could.

He shows up about 6:00 and told me and my neighbor, David, who'd already offered to fix it for me, that it was indeed my responsibility BUT that he would dig it out for us.  And he did and he wrote down everything we'd need and stayed until about 6:45 talking to us and telling us what to do.

I took his little list to Lowe's, got the stuff, went by Sonic and got some supper and came back and David and his daddy fixed it!!  In about two hours!!  What a wonderful neighbor I have!!  On THAT side, anyway.  On the other side, uh-uh.

Here are a few pics!!

 A root had cracked the coupling in the pipe
(They saved me the cracked coupling as a souvenir.
I told 'em I was gonna put it on my mantel.  Ha!
What's funny is I probably will.)

Here's some dirt!  :)

 David calling his daddy

Brand spankin' new coupling!

I don't know when the leak started but I'm guessing it's been a few weeks.  It just took a while for it to break through the ground.  Coincidentally, my water bill came today and it was $5 more than it usually is and showed that I used 160 more gallons this month than I used last month.  'Cause it was leaking into the ground!!  I can't stand the thought of 160 gallons of water just wasted like that!!  Next month's bill should be a doozy.  Oh well, it's fixed now and I learned a LOT.  I think I could even do it by myself next time!!

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  1. U a believer, too! There are some wonderful, caring people in our world....we just never hear about them thru the media!
    Glad u got it fixed...the loss of water is sad & the bill,too. However, you can't fix what's broken until you know that it is! Not your fault, really, just nature sayin Howdie.....lol