Thursday, August 4, 2011

How long did I make it??

FOUR days!  Four days without spending money!!  :)  I thought I'd go longer than that but I used up my last little bit of hairspray this morning and I thought I had some more under the bathroom sink but I didn't and with this hot, windy humidity like it is, I have to have hairspray.  I'd be scaring them babies to death at work if I didn't.  :)  

BUT!  I used a coupon and got a can for $2.50.  I had to get a box to mail something in because I couldn't find a FREE one the right size but it was only 48 cents so that's almost like free.  

Frugality isn't so much not spending money, you have to sometimes, it's about spending your money wisely, looking for ways to spend less and get more.  Four days of me spending NO money is huge.  Especially from where I've come.  When I went to work in Macon in 1999, our office was right across the street from the mall and I would go to the mall EVERY SINGLE DAY at lunch.  If I wasn't buying Winnie the Pooh beanie babies at The Disney Store, I was buying stuff at Origins.  Or clothes or shoes or whatever.  Just as long as I was buying!  Talking about this makes me feel like I was a junkie or something!  But in a way, I guess I was.  And my drug was shopping.

I've been getting my groceries at Aldi lately.  I LOVE Aldi!!  I have loved everything I've gotten there except for the lowfat turkey hot dogs but lowfat turkey hot dogs are pretty gross no matter where you get 'em.  Some of my favorite things from there are the milk (I buy the skim and it is SO FRESH!  And it stays fresh a lonnnnnng time.  I don't know if they ultra-pasteurize it like Horizon but it tastes like organic milk to me.  And for $2.49 a gallon, it's a steal!), the blue cheese and gorgonzola cheese crumbles (they are huge!  And so creamy and tasty. That's the kind I'm using in my buffalo chicken dip now!), the canned soups (their minestrone and lentil are the best canned soups I've ever had), the veggie chips, crackers, cereals and ice cream are delicious, their frozen chicken breasts are right around $5 a bag and taste just as good as Tyson for way less and the marinara sauce ain't half bad either.  I've been happy with everything I've gotten there!  I've never spent more than $35 there and each time, I've gotten a ton of stuff, enough to feed me for at least two weeks.  I also love that you bring your own bags and don't leave there with a buggy full of plastic.  We have GOT to get more stores on that wagon!!

I was there today getting a few things, milk, wheat bread, oatmeal and granola and I noticed this.  I've been in there five or six times since they opened but I never paid much attention to this.  Aldi has brands we ain't never heard of (Happy Harvest, Friendly Farms, Edenvale, Millville) and this one just tickled me!

Their medicine/vitamin/pain reliever brand is WELBY.
As in Marcus Welby, M.D.  Ha!
I'm showing my age here but if you're over 40, 
you know who I'm talking about.
Dat's him!  :)

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  1. Once again you AMAZE me girl! Soooo smart to be so young. I've never shopped but I'm the "flip" side of you these days!!! I now find ways to ENJOY shoppin....I was frugal for sooo many yrs. LOL
    You do well @ Aldi...our closest is Acworth, but I've never tried them.
    KUDOS to ya for being sooooo smart.