Friday, August 5, 2011


For about five or six summers now, I've had a housemate.  Well, a porchmate, anyway.  A little lizard that I call Sammy.  He lives in a crack in the concrete on my porch stoop, just under the front door.  

I've talked about him to Larry and to my family but until today, I never got a picture of him.

I realize that this is more than very likely NOT my original Sammy but probably his great-great grandchild but I was still happy to finally snap him!  I've been carrying my camera around with me all the time since we started doing the scavenger hunts last month and when he shook his little bright blue tail at me today, I was ready. 

 I googled him and he's a blue tail sandveld (or skink).
He looks like he'd just had lunch, too!  Fat little belly!!

 Ain't he beautiful??


  1. YES, a real cutie. We have one much SMALLER but he's a FAST lil devil dude!
    Camera moments are FUN and a pleasure....
    GOOD one.

  2. He is so bright tailed. He didn't seem to mind the camera. Good shot,because they usually move fast. We have families around and in the green house.