Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that God once again guided the hands of these good people to bring my mama through another successful heart procedure on Monday!

And I'm still loving this picture of a beautiful hibiscus that I found growing outside the hospital!  :)

I'm loving these two pictures Ami took of me last Saturday!

 I hadn't seen a maypop bloom since I was a little girl!
I was so tickled to find this one just growing wild beside that old dirt road.

I'm loving that I'm back in school now!

My first class was last night.  I'm in my last semester of the diploma part but I found out last night that they ARE going to offer the specialty classes at night starting in January so I'll be able to pick a specialty and get my degree after all, without having to transfer to another school!  Yay!!  I had to buy this lab from RadioShack for my class.  Didn't know that till last night either and the store here only had ONE!  Guess who got it today??  I'm taking Digital and Microprocessors this semester and when I look back to when I started in Direct Current sixteen months ago, I remember thinking, "I'll NEVER get to Digital!!"  But now I'm there!!  Yay!!!


  1. Soooo PROUD of you&yor schoolin! Keep it up, girlie!
    LUV LUV the dirt road pix...need Jason Aldean in the background singin his song to your walk!!
    To GOD be the praise for your Mama's completion of this battery thing....
    Is that Albert Luce of the BB Luces? Looks nice outside. Guess yall were tired frm being inside Mon. tho!!! LUV ya

  2. Mr. Luce is the one and only!! Mama's benefited from all those years Daddy worked for him!!