Friday, August 19, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

My idea of pure perfection would be if everybody was open-minded and accepting of other people's ideas and beliefs, whether they be religious or political.  Oh, and a little bungalow on the beach would be schweet, too.

Oil makes the world go 'round.  And that makes me sad.

If it weren't for that blankety-blank candy drawer at work, I would have lost weight this summer! :)

Bloggers are going to rule the world!

If I had my husband at home, I would be very happy.  So happy that I might even become a 50's housewife like the girl in this picture.  NOT!!  I'd never be able to keep my mouth shut.  And cooking supper from scratch every night??  Puhleeeze.

I'm glad it's Friday because this has been another long, exhausting week!  Between that leaking pipe in the yard, broken toilets and a phone that rings off the hook at work, I'm ready for a quiet, restful weekend.

Something I'm excited about is going back to school on Tuesday!  I'm ready to learn how digital electronics work!

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