Monday, April 11, 2011

Peace (unless you're a wart)

Okay, so I picked up a frog one day about a year ago, he peed on me and ever since, I've had these two little bitty warts on my fingers.  

Don't let that sweet face fool you.
He's vicious.
And incontinent.

I've cut 'em off, dug 'em out and used Compound W (which is a complete waste of time and money, or at least it was for me.  It dried up in the bottle before I could use it all!) and yet they're still there.  Somebody told me to try duct tape.  I figured it was worth a shot so I set out Friday to get some.  I went to Walgreens (my favorite neighborhood pharmacy! Their photo department ROCKS!!) and found some TIE-DYED duct tape!! You know this hippie chick was tickled to find some tie-dyed duct tape!! So I'm trying it.  I read some stuff online about it and it's supposed to really work.  I hope so!!  

See where the warts are??
When I show you them, I'm flashing the peace sign!
With tie-dyed duct tape!!

I was checking a family out at work today and the daddy said, "Oh my God, what happened to your fingers??"  He just glanced at them, saw the purple and thought I'd crushed them in a car door or something.  I just gave him my biggest smile, flashed him the peace sign and said, "TIE-DYED duct tape!!"  And I explained about that blankety-blank frog.

I know all four of y'all are gonna read my blog daily to check the wart progress and I aim to please my fans.  I'll keep you posted!

***Y'all know there really was no frog, right??  That's just what I've always heard all my life.  Frogs peeing on you give you warts.  I have viral infection issues and that's where they came from.  I've had Bell's Palsy and now trigeminal neuralgia (neuritis of my fifth cranial nerve, since freakin' SEPTEMBER!).  This girl's gone viral!!  Ha!!  I'm trying diet (lots of spinach!) and vitamins trying to boost my immune system so I can get well.  My face is still completely numb on the right side and I have nerve twitching around my mouth just about every 15 seconds, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Physically, I look fine, though.  You can't see a thing.  It's a silent, aggravating, searing hot burning pain in the butt. Only it's not in my butt, more like my scalp and cheek.  Waaah.***

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  1. UGH! Like the peace fingers&tape...Hope it works for ya.
    LUV ya