Monday, April 25, 2011

Wonderful Easter!

Me hanging an egg on Mama and Daddy's Easter Egg Tree.

Some of the beautiful flowers in Mama and Daddy's yard

I swannee.  They can grow absolutely anything!
Just look how WE turned out!!  Ha!

Their oh-so-peaceful goldfish pond

Cutie patootie pot sculpture my daddy made!

Three generations - me, Mama and my niece, Jessica
Me and my brother, Ricky

We was just full of sugar!!

Aunt Elizabeth helping her grandbaby, Olivia Rose, find some eggs!

Our beautiful Olivia, the only little egg-hunter we had!
Ain't she just precious??

Happy Easter!!


  1. LUV the pix(FB won't let me comment!)
    THe flowers are beautiful & so is Olivia.
    LUV LUV the "pot sculpture" Rick's so NOW & cute, too.
    Glad yall had a good time...
    LUV ya girl

  2. Good pictures. We did have a wonderful time. Wondered where you big kids got off to. Love you