Friday, April 29, 2011

Fairy Tale Friday

Crazy kids.  Makin' me cry and stuff.
Unless you slept all day or were hiding under a rock all day, you probably heard about a little something going on in London.  

Prince William married his Kate.

It was a beautiful ceremony, the bride was stunning and the groom was so handsome, he made me cry.  Lookin' just like his mama!!!

I remember waking up really, really early that summer morning and watching his parents marry.  I was 14 and so absolutely awestruck by the whole thing.  Mama got up with me and we watched it together.  I couldn't stop thinking this morning as Prince William married that his mama should be there with him.

I'm sure she was.

The kiss!
And the pout!  Hilarious!!  
Somebody's about ready for a nap.  Ha!

In honor of William and Kate's big day, Michelle made us blueberry scones for breakfast at the office!  They were amazing!! She brought along some of her grandma's homemade blueberry and rhubarb preserves. 

We felt a little less common with them on the table.  :)

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  1. Oh, I remember thinking we are up early that morning. I hope these two last . Today seemed different. I know his sweet Mama was there. That is a great article. Love you