Saturday, October 24, 2009

(It's NOT Good To Touch) The Hot Red Mess Of Home

Okay. So Tuesday, I come home at lunch and find that the condo next to me is being painted pink and red. I told the painter I HATED IT. Bless his heart. It's not his fault. He didn't pick the colors.

Wednesday, I come home for lunch. The painter is on the roof next door, he sees me drive up in the driveway and he hides behind the chimney! He KNOWS I'm finna say something. By then, he'd gotten the entire front painted. (See the pic above and try not to scream)

Today, he's almost done. Every day this week, I've told him how much I hate it. I've told everybody that I hate it. I'm pretty much a mellow person. I usually just roll with stuff. I cannot roll with dis heah. Ami suggested that I get a neighborhood petition signed to present to the owners. The folks living there now are renting so it's not their fault either.

The base color is okay, the red is, well, there's just no delicate way to put it, HOOKER RED.

So I called the owner today on behalf of the entire neighborhood and said WE ALL HATE IT, HATE IT WITH THE HEAT OF A THOUSAND HELLS, WE DO.

And he's gonna change it!! Monday!! To a deep wine.

A deep wine that I pray will not resemble Barney.

Stay tuned...


  1. keep us posted :)


  2. So glad it's being repainted. I can't wait to see the new color. Yay you for speaking up!! Never underestimate the power of one person. Tori said that. She was right. :D