Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peace, Love and TEA

It was bound to happen. Two of my favorite things, coming together for the common good.

Peace and sweet tea.

I've been a good girl on SB and I've been drinking my tea with stevia and I'm gonna keep doing that but I stopped by a store out by the college tonight on my way to class to get some gum 'cause yes, I DO chew gum in class, and I saw these cans of tea! I just loved the artwork and at just 99 cents each, thought they'd be a cool (and cheap!) blog talky.


  1. awesome - so artistic!

    I chew gum while working out and running - people make fun of me. haha!

  2. Those are really neat! The question is--did you drink them? ;-)

  3. No!! They are still in the fridge. I think I'm gonna keep 'em. I just LOVE the artwork!!!

  4. Love them. Look the price is on them so surely they would not charge more. I will be looking for them.