Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse at Midnight!

I was here making history last night at midnight to see the premiere of Twilight #3, Eclipse! I say making history 'cause I'm hearing that the midnight showings brought in record $$$$, like $30 million. That's a lot of crazy, screaming girls.  I was there with my friends, Kelly and Jennifer, and a new friend, Alexis.  We went to the new Houston Lakes theater and I was so impressed with how very organized and calm it was.  We did have to stand in line about an hour to get seated but they were filling up all ten rooms and it just took a while.  

I thought the movie was great!!  I thought Kristen Stewart was so much better in #3 than she was in the first two.  She has this really annoying thing she does with her mouth that drives me up a tree but she didn't seem to do it that much in Eclipse. Maybe somebody's said something to her about it and she's working on it. Whatever, she seemed better, more animated, funnier and a much better actress.  Maybe she's finally getting comfortable in her role.  I thought she did good!

The funniest thing to me was when Jacob told Edward, "I'm hotter than you." He was talking about keeping Bella warm but it was SO obvious that that had a double meaning. Taylor Lautner's first scene, in a SHIRT, mind you, brought the house down. 

We'll have to wait until November 2011 for the first installment of Breaking Dawn.  That was my favorite book of them all.  I can wait.  I got True Blood to keep me, um, occupied.

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