Monday, June 14, 2010

My Cookie's So Bright, It's Gotta Wear Shades

(Lord, I am showing my age with that title!)

There are certain perks to working in a doctor's office. One of them is GOODIES!!  We get lots and lots of goodies, from drug reps and other doctors' offices and labs and home health care facilities that we use.  You should see our kitchen table in December!  That table stays loaded down with stuff.

Anyway, the good folks at IV Care Options brought us these cute cookies from Wilson's Bakery today.  Those of you in the area know about Wilson's Bakery.  It's THE bakery in Warner Robins.  Seriously, they have no competition.  They'd probably shut the competition DOWN the first week anyway.  I have hurt myself bad over some of their Finger Nut cookies and apple fritters before.  

So, we got these sunny little cookies today and I thought this one with the sunglasses was so cute, I had to blog about it!!  

And since I reached 48 pounds this morning, I ate it.  

Happy Summer to me!!!


  1. Truly congratulations is in order for you, 48 pounds yippee. Was this all on the same diet?

  2. Thanks!! Yep, South Beach but I haven't been strict at all. Just mainly staying away from white stuff (bread, potatoes, pasta and sugar).
    It really works!!