Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Girl Needed A Beat Down

Um, yeah.

There is something VERY wrong with Esther.

I just went to see this and I enjoyed it waaaaaaay more than I thought I would.  I love horror movies but ones about baaaaaaad li'l chillun, not so much.

Not to give too much away but the story is this little 9-year-old girl is adopted by this couple who recently lost a child to stillbirth.  They have two older children.  So they go to an orphanage, pick this little chick out and bring her home.

Bad move.  Wrong turn.  HUGE mistake.  Get yo' stuff and get out. Don't take her back to the home.  Just let her HAVE y'all's house.  Whatever. Just GO.

I loved it.  That cool little twist at the end was awesome.

I sat there for most of the beginning trying to figure out who this child is.  I finally got so wrapped up in the story that I just didn't care anymore.  She's Isabelle Fuhrman and she played Grasshopper in "Hounddog", that very controversial movie that starred Dakota Fanning a couple of years ago.  THAT'S where I saw her.  If it wasn't for the internet, that mess would've kept me up all night.


  1. I can't do scary movies. Glad you enjoyed though! Thanks for visiting me:)

  2. She's so scary looking- eeek! I may go see it. Should I wait for DVD? I like some scary movies, but not ones who reeeeally go into an evil place. Like you leave feeling like you're newly aware of and sort of invaded by true evil forces and dimensions or something like that. For instance, I didn't see The Haunting In Connecticut, because it looked toooo evil. Did you see it?

  3. This little chick was BAD. You and Rickey should go see it!! There's a reason she's like she is and finding that out makes it worthwhile. She's a bad 'un, though, and it's very graphic and gory. "The Haunting" was just okay for me. It was so unbelievable that it was borderline silly. The best part was all that writing carved into that boy's body. Now THAT was creepy!!