Friday, July 24, 2009

I Cannot Wait To See This!!

The Time Traveler's Wife in theaters August 14th. I will be there!!
Larry and I read this book five or six years ago and we loved it.
With our love story being what it is, I could really relate to this
very different kind of love affair.

I am SO happy that Rachel McAdams was cast as Clare. She will be awesome. Who didn't just love her to pieces in "The Notebook"??


  1. Man! I'm gonna read this! Is a must read, huh?

  2. YES!!!! It's one of my favorite books. It's by a lady named Audrey Neffenegger. I can't wait to see if they change the ending in the movie. I HATE it when they do that!!

  3. It looks really neat and I don't usually go for things like this. ;-) Maybe I'll have to look for the book at the library since my movie-going days are on hold. Once I finish my book about worms. . .

  4. Brandy, you just bring Willow to me and you and Mike go see that movie! :D