Monday, July 6, 2009

Pretty Good Day All The Way Around

Daddy's heart cath was not only successful but FAST!  There was no need for another stent and the one put in last July is open and blood is flowing through like it's supposed to.  Yay!!  They stitched the artery back using a new procedure and his bed rest only lasted a couple of hours as opposed to the six or eight from previous times he and Mama have had caths done.  Yay!!!  And we ALL got out of the hospital by 7:30, which in the 14 years we've been doing the heart thang at the Medical Center of Central Georgia, this is UNHEARD of.  Daddy's doing great.  Just gotta take it easy for a week or so.  Pretty good day, indeed.

Day seven of my BP.  I had some improvement today!!!  One good thing about having Bell's Palsy and being 42 years old is the palsy erases ALL the wrinkles in your forehead.  That's an awesome thing, y'all!!  I have this little frown line between my eyes and it has been gone since the BP onset up until today.  When I'd frown, there'd be nothing but smooth skin there.  Today, my frown line came back!!  And my eye and bottom lip have been twitching all day and my eye isn't tearing nearly as bad as it was.  So yay!!

I ate a turkey sandwich (real food, Brandy!!) but I'm still doing my

Bell's Palsy Recommended Food Of The Day

Santa Cruz Organic Applesauce 
(again, the medicinal qualities are greatly enhanced if you eat it from an IKEA bowl!)


  1. I am glad to hear all went well! A look at you getting all wrinkly and solid foods on me again! ;-) Just kidding, really. Maybe the tablecloth will make up for it. . .

  2. I couldn't believe how quickly and smoothly Daddy's procedure went, too! It was UNHEARD of!!! Hope you continue to twitch! :D