Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Hate January

The holidays are over, the decorations are gone, we're two days into January and I effin' hate it already.  I don't do well in cold weather.  And it's cold here.  Cold as a welldigger's ass and since I come from a family of welldiggers, well, that's pretty cold.

It's so cold that the butter I keep in a little dish beside my stove is hard.  Of course, the heat is on but room temperature is keeping the butter hard.  Y'all. That can't be right.

It was in the mid-twenties last night and I know my Northern (read: Yankee) friends and readers are like "quit yer bitchin'" but I'm gonna whine any-dang-way, 'cause I'm a Georgia girl and it's 'sposed to be warm here, by God.  Monday night, it's supposed to be 18 degrees. 18!!!  I doubt I survive the night.

It's in the 40's today but the wind. Oh my God, the wind. The wind takes the cold to a whole 'nother dominion of hatefulness.  

I'm already longing for spring.  For sunny days to plant flowers, to spring clean my house and hang clothes on the line to dry.  To just be outside and listen to the birds sing.  

January sucks.  So. Hard.

But wait. What is this?? Could it be daffodils budding by my front door? Why, it is!  It is daffodils budding by my front door!!!


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  2. You apologize to January right NOW. January is supposed to be cold, and I am enjoying every frigid moment of it, as it will be hotter than the third ring of hell by the second week of May. With as cold as it has been so EARLY this year, we may even have some hotness in April. Ugh. Just think about them 90+ degrees and humidity comin' fer ya in just a few short months. And you go hug January's neck and make nice. :P

    Also, I deleted my first post because I made a typo and you know I can't be havin' that. :P

  3. My computer says it is 19 degrees at 7:00. Yea that is cold but I really love it. Start watching movies with the beach in them, imagine the warm sun and the smell of suntan lotion. It will be here before you know it.

  4. Ginger! Turn your heat up and bake something yummy. The heat will come soon enough.

  5. oh my gawwwwwwd, 18! im from the uk and bumped into this on the net .... its below freezing here and ive got 6 inches of snow under my feet!!!!! wish i was a georgia girl any day of the week .... or in fact month of the year!!!!!x

  6. Well, Rachel, guess I need to shut up then, huh?? Thanks for stopping by!! Stay warm over there across the pond.

  7. It's amazing to me how people don't think what we are experiencing is truly *cold* weather. If we're used to really mild wintry weather, and acclimated to that, then yep, a cold snap like this *is* very cold to us. So, in comparison to what we're used to, yep, we're cold.

    (Hopefully Rachel doesn't think you mean 18* CELSIUS, because that would be a practically balmy 64* Fahrenheit, and hardy anything for a silly Georgia girl to complain over!)

    Just as people living in a place with a normally coldish climate would swelter and nearly DIE in 75-80 degree weather, that would be nothing to us. A welcome respite, actually, compared to the heat and humidity we normally have, even in the winter. Anyway, it is cold here, and it's the longest cold snap I've remembered in a long, long time. It's certainly noteworthy and not something to be diminished simply because it's not the most frigid, coldest place on EARTH. It's abnormally cold for *us*, and that makes it something to talk about. Brrrr! :D

  8. Oh yes. indeed youare very right and i wasnt suggesting that you all arent feeling it too, I understand your theory, i would certainly not cope with your summers tho i think id give it a good go lol ! Ginger, i certainly would not like you to shut up and i hope the weather picks up for us all, Happy New Year all x