Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Is Over (If You Want It)

I LOVE Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. I love everything about it, from Christmas cards and wrapping presents to watching Christmas movies and drinking eggnog by the fire.

BUT. (Y'all saw that
but coming, didn't you??)

'Round about January, oh, let's say, the EIGHTH, it's time to put everything away for next year. Except in this case, it's THIS year, isn't it?

Some of my neighbors still have Santa outside. In this cold! I hope he don't bring them nothing this year.

It makes me absolutely crazy. Being a Southern girl, I'm used to seeing Christmas lights still up on houses in May but not big old giant inflatables. I drive past Santa and Frosty and Snoopy with his decorated dog house every day and they just hang their heads in shame. That might be because their air is low but I really think it's because they know they ain't supposed to still be out there.


  1. Apparently, they don't want it over. If the people in those houses have kids, pull the kids aside and tell them that the Easter Bunny is getting ready NOW to visit in a few months, and he can't concentrate on their house with Santa all out there in the yard.

  2. Girl, our lights are still up. Of course, it's been subzero here, so taking them down has been hazardous to one's health.