Friday, January 29, 2010

An Expensive Lesson. Shut Up.

So.  Two weeks ago, give or take a day or two, my washing machine started making this God awful noise.  A grinding, screechy noise that was worse when the washer was agitating. This coincided with me washing Larry's thick, heavy Colts Super Bowl sweatshirt so I thought that's what the problem was.  The machine started making this really loud noise so I just turned it off, heaved that heavy ass sweatshirt out and let it dry in the tub.  For three days.  But the machine kept making that noise every time I washed a load of laundry so I thought the sweatshirt had burned the motor up.


This did.
I finally called a repairman today and this is what he found.  The underwire from my favorite bra that has been "missing" for two weeks.  Guess where it was??????  

The wire had cut through my bra one day and I just took it out and put it in my jeans pocket and forgot all about it.  I've been wondering what happened to it!!  The repair was $130, the bra, probably $15. 



  1. Dang. I'm sorry. I hate underwire bras. This is just another reason to hate them. Glad you were able to get it fixed, though! Hand wash the underwire ones from now on!!

  2. Oh, it didn't come out of my bra! It came out of my jeans pocket. I usually take them things OUT as soon as I buy the bra but I liked that one so much that I just left them in.

    The whole ordeal was MOST aggravating. Grrrrrrrr.

  3. I know, but still. I don't even buy them anymore, but when I did, I took the wire out right away, too!! :D

  4. That was expensive, but Major had to buy a new dryer because Maw didn't know they had a lint filter and the repairman had a hard time getting the filter out it was so full, but Major already got a new one, but too full of lint was all that was wrong with hers. See, unusal things do happen.