Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Followed Your Scent (Edward Cullen, Twilight)

Can you be in love with a fragrance?  'Cause I think I am. If Oprah would let me anywhere near her couch, I'd jump up and down on it, Tom Cruise style.

I got lots of Twilight Woods stuff for Christmas.  It's a new line at Bath and Body Works and I'd tried it at the store in November, loved it and added it to my Christmas list.  Ami and Mama hooked me up!

Of course, the name is not lost on me.  I know B&BW was trying to get all of us Twihards to buy it.  They ain't foolin' nobody.  Not no 42-year-old Twihard anyway. They sure got their wish because they can't keep it on the shelves!  It smells really, really good, though, Twilight connection aside.  It's woodsy, dusky, with touches of berry, mimosa and apricot.  And I swear I smell a little patchouli in there.  Ooooo, and the Triple Moisture Body Cream is like buttah.  It leaves your skin so soft and smooth. Twilight Woods is warm, cozy and sooooooo romantic, like a walk in the woods.

A walk in the woods with a sparkly vampire.  Yum.

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