Sunday, December 13, 2009

Having A Blast!

A Holiday Mint Blast from Sonic, that is!  They are sooooo yummy. Peppermint ice cream with little bits of Andes peppermint crunch and a ton of whipped topping. Really Christmasy!!

I stopped by Sonic tonight and got one after I'd seen Disney's A Christmas Carol.  I was more than a little skeptical about the movie because it's just been done to death but as usual, Disney did not disappoint.  The animation is unbelievable!  Old Ebenezer looks JUST LIKE Jim Carrey. I watched the 1938 version last night because I wanted to compare the two.  I'd never seen the original. The 2009 version stays pretty true to the classic and once you put on those 3D glasses (that, by the way, have come a lonnnnnnng way since Jaws was in 3D!), you are literally right there, a bystander on the street. Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good.  The story is still great and Jim Carrey was awesome as Scrooge. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Must obtain one for Mike.