Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Hottest Toy This Christmas? I Has It.

A Zhu Zhu hamster!  The yellow one named Pipsqueak but I renamed him 'Nana Puddin'. One of the moms came to the office and brought Lisa and me some that she miraculously found at Wal-Mart this morning. These things are impossible to find!  Or so I've heard.  I didn't even know what they were until two days ago.  Lisa's grandkids call her "Nana" so 'Nana Puddin' it was.

These little guys are so realistic, it's like having a real hamster without the mess.  I think that was the whole idea!  They chatter and scatter and scoot all over the place.  They have a little sensor on their nose, a bump guard, and when they bump into stuff, they make the funniest noises and whirl around and change directions. They are absolutely hilarious to watch!!
Me and Puddin' played a little bit today in the kitchen. 
This is him saying, "'S'up, y'all?"

This is him going behind my refrigerator.

And this is him getting stuck coming out!  

See ya!

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  1. Bwahaha!! That is SO cute and funny!! I want to get one for the cats, but they would destroy it! I will just come visit Nana Puddin' and play with him instead.